The Winning Way

Winning isn’t for everyone! But it can be to those willing to stay the course


Blog or WebLog has changed tremendously in the years that I have been online.  It has grown to so much more than a place to rant.  They have become a platform that thousands of business people have found they can run even their entire business from.

My blog began in early 2000. I post each day Monday through Friday

We do not always see things from the same perspective, but just because we see things differently does not make either of us wrong.  Post your comments, your opinion on any of the subjects is a valid one as long as it comes from the intention of helpful assistance. While this blog does not accept subscribers, I do welcome comments on social media sites.

My blog has three parts


Thought For The Day

Usually has a lot to do with the tip as seen as the title for each post.



Ice Breaker

Start every day with a smile.  You can’t help but make it a good day when you begin with a good belly laugh.




My thoughts and ideas that are intended to help you see what about you will help you WIN.  Winning is deciding to do something an d then just doing it.

Because this blog was started at the turn of the century, I did make a mistake in naming the URL, if I were starting it now, I certainly would have spelled out the name iswinningforyou, but it has been around so long it might now be such a good idea to change it now.

What is The Winning Way

There is a right way – Get a good education, read books study to become an expert in your field of endeavor! Sometimes this takes years and a tremendous amount of dedication and money.

There is a wrong way – Jumping in feet first without knowing a thing about what you are doing. This is extremely expensive, very unrewarding and sets you up for a loss every time.


There is The Winning Way – Learning what you need to do, when you need to learn it and applying your new found knowledge one step at a time!

“The teacher always appears when the student is ready”
The Karate Kid

To Your Success!
Carolyn Winslow-Pearce

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