The Winning Way

Winning isn’t for everyone! But it can be to those willing to stay the course

First Action Plan

Common Goals for those wanting to build a business on the Internet

  1. Decide why you want to be in business for yourself
  2. Watch the movie “Men of Honor” with Cuba Gooding. Once you have watched the movie decide whether you want this as much as he did
  3. Write your business plan
  4. Come up with an idea for your business
  5. Research your idea to find out if it is viable. (if you don’t know how to do this sign up at the InternetNicheLab to learn how)
  6. Secure your domain name
  7. Secure hosting
  8. Make sure you understand the cPanel
  9. Decide what you want your site to do. It isn’t enough to say you want your site to make money. A site can be your PR department, It can help you build a list. It can be your 24/7/365 help desk. Until you know exactly what you want your site to do, there is no way to design it to make money or anything else.
  10. Decide on the technology that will be used to get the site to do what you want it to do
  11. Design the site or have it done for you. If you would like us to do the work for you, see cwinsonline for more information. If you would like us to teach you how, sign up for the Internet Niche Lab then do the WebMaster Basics Course
  12. Follow and complete the new site checklist
  13. Design your site with good Search Engine Optimization
  14. Once your site is created, test it
  15. Create your master list
  16. Get help testing all the parts of the site
  17. When you run into problems stop by and get your questions answered
  18. Participate with and in teams
  19. Create a giveaway product
  20. Make your first dollar online
  21. Set up your AutoResponder system
  22. Apply the opt-in strategy to build your lists
  23. Spend half of the hours you have every day to work you business promoting your business. (If you need to know how, join us on Thursday night when we Talk Promotion and basic business building using the Internet
  24. Review your stats on a weekly basis
  25. Tweak your site until it is producing the results you want
  26. Learn something new every day. Remember, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should
  27. Stay connected
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